Hard water spots on glass can be very difficult to remove. This is because, over time the hard water stains actually etch into the glass, making them impossible to remove without actually resurfacing the glass. In attempt the remove these pesky stains, it’s easy to go overboard with various chemical “glass restoration” agents.  These attempts often result in what you see in the images below, the glass becomes scratched, acid etched, while the initial hard water stains are only partially removed… Bummer, right?

While it’s best to call a professional to remove hard water stains, to avoid further damage to your glass, if you have attempted to remove the spots on your own and have scratched your glass in the process, don’t fret, glass replacement is not your only option. We can remove these scratches as well as whatever hard water etching may be left behind. Take a look at this shower door we just restored in San Marcos:

Whether you have a large scale commercial project or small, single panel shower door, rest assured, your glass can be restored. Just make sure you call Glass Savers, you’ll be glad you did.

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