Services we specialize in:

Glass Scratch Removal

scratch removal from glass windows

Hard Water Stain Removal

Demo of hard water stain removal services, performed by Glass Savers.

Anti Graffiti Film

anti graffiti film


Distortion free glass scratch removal is our specialty. but we can remove any type of surface damage to just about anything thats made of glass, whether its a a vandalized storefront window, a construction cleanup gone wrong, even hard water spots & mineral deposits can be cleared up for considerably less than cost of replacement. Our list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Glass Graffiti Removal
  • Acid Etched Glass Graffiti
  • Scratched Glass
  • Fabricating Debris resurfacing
  • Post Construction Scratch repair
  • Severe Hard Water Stains
  • Curved Glass repair- 100% Distortion Free!
  • Auto Glass Resurfacing -100% Distortion Free!
  • Aquarium glass repair

We are able to provide high profile scratch removal services anywhere in the US Including: San Diego | Los Angeles | Orange County |Portland glass restoration | San Francisco glass restoration, San Jose, Oakland, Temecula, Ca| Seattle, Wa | Las Vegas, NV | Salt Lake City, UT | Chicago | Atlanta | Reno | Denver, CO | Miami, Orlando, Tampa, FL | New York | Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, TX | Hawaii | Alaska | Phoenix,AZ | Chicago | Indianapolis | Kansas City | Cincinnati | Charlotte | Pittsburgh | Cleavland | St Louis | Minneapolis | Detroit, Grand Rapids, MI | Boston