Services we specialize in:

Glass Scratch Removal

scratch removal from glass windows

Hard Water Stain Removal

Demo of hard water stain removal services, performed by Glass Savers.

Large Scale Projects (Nationwide)

What we do:

Distortion free glass scratch removal is our specialty, but we can remove just about any type of surface damage to just about anything that’s made of glass. Whether its a a vandalized storefront window, a construction cleanup gone wrong, even hard water spots & mineral deposits can be cleared up for considerably less than cost of replacement. Our list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Glass Graffiti Removal
  • Acid Etched Glass Graffiti
  • Scratched Glass
  • Fabricating Debris resurfacing
  • Post Construction Scratch repair
  • Severe Hard Water Stains
  • Curved Glass repair-  Distortion Free!
  • Auto Glass Resurfacing – Distortion Free!
  • High End Aquarium glass repair

We are able to provide high profile scratch removal services anywhere in the US Including: San Diego | Los Angeles | Orange County |Portland glass restoration | San Francisco glass restoration, San Jose, Oakland, Temecula, Ca| Seattle, Wa | Las Vegas, NV | Salt Lake City, UT | Chicago | Atlanta | Reno | Denver, CO | Miami, Orlando, Tampa, FL | New York | Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, TX | Hawaii | Alaska | Phoenix,AZ | Chicago | Indianapolis | Kansas City | Cincinnati | Charlotte | Pittsburgh | Cleavland | St Louis | Minneapolis | Detroit, Grand Rapids, MI | Boston