Acid Etched Graffiti in Window Removed.

Graffiti is often etched into glass using hydrochloric acid.  When the acid is applied to the glass it leaves a greyish color “stain” on the glass.  Because the acid actually etches into the surface of the glass, the stain cannot be washed off.

When faced with this type of graffiti, business owners and property managers often feel they are left with 2 options:

  1. Replace the window
  2. Leave the damage and live with is, as glass replacement can be costly.

Until fairly recently, these were the only 2 choices.  Not anymore!  Advances in technology have made removal of acid etched graffiti possible.   Removing the etching involves resurfacing the glass to restore it to it’s original condition, and it’s not only much quicker than having the glass replaced, generally it’s much less expensive too

Beware! There have been quite a few other “Glass Restoration” companies popping up over the last few years, many of them claiming to be able to resurface glass as effectively as we do.  While we are not the only company in the world who can perform close to flawless repairs, there are VERY FEW WHO CAN….

Most other companies will leave the repaired are of glass that they worked on either looking like a “fun house mirror”, full of noticeable optical distortion, or with heavy swirl marks and haze left behind.  A quality repair should be virtually indistinguishable from new glass and you should accept nothing less from a “Glass Restoration Expert”.

Although we are based in Southern California, we perform glass resurfacing jobs all over California, Nevada and Arizona, as well as large scale projects nationwide, as our clients find that although others claim to do what we do, very few can.

This is a graffiti removal job we completed in San Francisco, we batch our work in the Bay Area, and are up there almost every month or so to complete jobs that the other guys can’t do, or to clean up failed attempts.

As you can see, we were able to get the scratches out, and without leaving any noticeable optical distortion or obvious sign of repair.

Over the years, we’ve run into countless scenarios like this one, where our client was told by the “other guys” that the scratches couldn’t be removed.   Not only are we able to remove the scratches that no one else can 9 times out of 10, but we do it without leaving behind all of the obvious signs of repair that are common with most other glass “repairs”

When you need glass resurfacing, and you need it done right, we are the only ones you need to call.

Don’t take our word for it though, in addition to the largest online gallery of previous jobs we’ve done, we also offer no-obligation demos of our services because we know you’ll be thrilled with the final result we deliver.

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