Glass Scratch Graffiti Removal

Graffiti that’s been scratched into storefront glass is just plain ugly!

In the past victims of this type of vandalism have fallen into 2 categories:

1)  Those who simply cannot allow graffiti on their property, and end up spending tons of money on replacement.

2)  Those who cannot afford or justify the high cost of glass replacement, or are unable to replace it for any other reason.

We offer a revolutionary solution no matter which category you fall into.   We can provide nearly flawless repairs, with no optical distortion, genereally for about 30% what you’d pay for replacement.

Watch these time lapsed repairs to see how we fix scratched glass:

See more repairs:

Scratches in Glass (Before)
deep glass scratch removal

Graffiti in Window Removed

Acid Etched Graffiti Removal (Before)
glass scratch removal
Dog Scratch Removal from glass San Diego 2
scratch removal from glass windows
Demo of hard water stain removal services, performed by Glass Savers.
Scratched shower door repair San Marcos
glass scratch repair - Glass Savers

glass polishing in San Diego (Deep and close to edge)

This client in San Diego was looking at close to $3,000 for replacement…